CJ and Trixie Engagement Session

Love as they say knows no bounds, I believe this to be true. I met CJ and Trixie ay back when I was starting my photography journey here in the Philippines, until we all became close friends. I treat them as my own family and to know that both of them are getting married made me feel very happy because you have a couple who is God fearing and are drawn to principles in life which make their relationship very meaningful getting hitch means a lot. Why ? Well you don't get to see a lot of this now a days. 

We did a series of shoot but by far this is one of the best that I have done. Not because of the ambiance and place but because the shoot felt like a whole new level. Something that I have not felt for a long time. No its not the fever talking but I think its because I take pride and passion on what I love doing, and this two help me realize that and to place all things together they bring out the best in me. I sound so cheesy but sometimes in life the cheesiness is what makes us do our best.

With this engagement session I was lucky enough to be able to feature the INDRA500 thanks to the guys from PHOTTIX PH for lending me some of their lights. We shot in a typical restaurant with a great theme but none the less the place has close to none visible light. Thanks to the strobes the place was well lit to a point of dramatic effect. 

Looking forward to this 2 during their wedding day, and I feel their story has just begun.